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very nice but take caution

Опубликовано Клиент iHerb дек 28, 2012 | Проверенная покупка

This product is great for providing me a mild effective boost in energy, focus and enjoyment, something that I failed to experience with tyrosine. Long term use however is not advised, I always experienced depression afterwards and later found out that L-DOPA was demonstrated to also deplete serotonin so I make sure to administer 5HTP concomitantly. EGCG may too be considered for preventing the breakdown of L-DOPA before reaching the brain

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Works in ways words cannot quite describe

Опубликовано Клиент iHerb июл 08, 2010 | Проверенная покупка

On an anticipated tough tough day, taking three of these gives you an on-going energy level throughout the day, unlike caffiene, green tea or stimulants. There is no jitterness, no uneasiness from taking a larger dose. I will keep ordering these.

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Опубликовано Клиент iHerb июл 08, 2011 | Проверенная покупка

Very efficient, 1 capsule is enough. Cons: A bit expensive for 60 capsules.

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feeling better

Опубликовано Клиент iHerb янв 06, 2010 | Проверенная покупка

This seems to be helping with my mood since I have been a heavy drug user previously. Works much better than the other brands of Mucuna Pruriens. Wouldn't be without it.

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Опубликовано Клиент iHerb авг 03, 2010 | Проверенная покупка

Seems after about a week of taking 1 a day, I started feeling less depressed.

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Will buy again

Опубликовано Клиент iHerb май 08, 2012 | Проверенная покупка

Used it for a month. Seems to give me more energy.

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Great Stuff!

Опубликовано Клиент iHerb мар 30, 2011 | Проверенная покупка

Seems to have improved my mood since I began taking it about 3 weeks ago. Also the enteric-coated capsules seem to have a better effect than the non-enteric. If you suffer from depression and/or anxiety, this is worth a try.

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Will not buy again

Опубликовано Клиент iHerb авг 11, 2017 | Проверенная покупка

The capsules look very dry like product has past his expiry date or something , I open one capsule to see if it look better inside but the filling of capsule look worse.

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Great product and professionalism from IHERB to deliver promptly!

Опубликовано Клиент iHerb окт 31, 2017 | Проверенная покупка

Great product and professionalism from IHERB to deliver promptly!

Спасибо за Ваш отзыв!

행사해서 어떤가 함 사봤는데

Опубликовано Клиент iHerb окт 14, 2016 | Проверенная покупка

민감하신 분들은 모르겠지만... 잘 모르겠음

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