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Отзыв оставлен Клиент iHerb янв 24, 2008 | Проверенная покупка

This product is absolutely excellent. It works exactly as it advertises. Due to hormonal changes, maintaining a healthy yeast balance is a challenge for me. This is now my number 1 solution whenever needed. I highly recommend this product. The quality and value are outstanding!

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Ten stars for this!

Отзыв оставлен From-the-Inside-Out авг 22, 2009 | Проверенная покупка

I cannot tell you how much better I feel after doing this candida cleanse....unbelievable! If I could give it ten stars I would!

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enzymatic therapy

Отзыв оставлен Клиент iHerb ноя 18, 2008 | Проверенная покупка

I just finished the 10 day supply and am very happy with the results. I would recommend this product to anyone with yeast imbalance.

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イースト菌・ カンジダ菌  集中クレンジング用

Отзыв оставлен loveearth сен 20, 2015 | Проверенная покупка

慢性的なカンジダ症ではない方、 季節の変わり目などで 少しバランスを崩してる方、 抗生物質摂取後の腸内菌バランスの回復などの短期集中ケア向きのセット という感じの 10日間の集中クレンジングプログラム。 中身の成分は、とてもバランスよく配合されています。  ただ私には、 体感するまでには期間が短かすぎて いまいち解りにくかったですね・・・。 なので ★4つです。

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worked great

Отзыв оставлен Клиент iHerb фев 17, 2010 | Проверенная покупка

seemed to work fine. the body feels healthier and much less gas. during the therapy i tasted/burped the origano oil which is in the capsules for the first five days, that was the only bad thing. i just think the therapy might be too short, i guess, if it would be three weeks insted of 10 days, it would be better.

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Satisfied and yeast free

Отзыв оставлен Клиент iHerb дек 28, 2007 | Проверенная покупка

Works great! I've tried this and YeastCleanse. This is definately the one to use to jump start the detox!

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Not miraculous but didn't hurt either.

Отзыв оставлен Клиент iHerb июл 05, 2010 | Проверенная покупка

Didn't experience anything earth shaking. Easy to tolerate. Wasn't tied to the bathroom while taking. Ended switching probiotic to another brand as I wasn't getting the full results I wanted. You get what you pay for I think.

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Did not work for me

Отзыв оставлен Клиент iHerb мар 16, 2010 | Проверенная покупка

Normally I like Enzymatic Therapy but this product I did not like. First, the "yeast balance" pills you are supposed to take Days 1-5 are supposed to be enteric-coated, meaning they pass through your stomach and are released into the intestine. After 5 minutes I started burping up the taste of these pills, so my guess is they were dissolving right away. It's a shame - I needed this to work.

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Отзыв оставлен Клиент iHerb дек 03, 2012 | Проверенная покупка

Good value product at an affordable price. Excellent iHerb.com service.

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Отзыв оставлен Клиент iHerb ноя 16, 2011 | Проверенная покупка

Whole Body Yeast Balance does exactly what it should. Does not disappoint.

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1-10 из 17 всего

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