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روعة amazing

Posted by iHerb Customer on February 6 2016 | Verified Purchase

Amazing how it absorbs on skin , i noticed how my skin has changed in a few days , it cleared my skin and confirmed it . روعة يتشرب بسرعة و مايدبق لاحظت كيف بشرتي تغيرت في ايام اصفى و مشدودة اكثر اذا استفدتي اضغطي يس

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اسوأ تجربه في حياتي worst experience on my life

Posted by iHerb Customer on October 22 2016 | Verified Purchase

السلام عليكم اول شي هذي اول مره في حياتي اكتب رفيو عن برودكت من حرقه قلبي على النتيجه الي جفتها والله على ما اقول شاهد و وكيل من زمان كنت اسمع مدح وااااااايد على هالمنتج خصوصا للهالات تحت العين وجربت فيتامين اي من الصيدليه الي مكتوب عليه 30000 وكانت تجربتي جيده لاحظت فرق مع الاستخدام وكنت اجوف في الانستغرام مدح اكثرعلى هذا الي مكتوب عليه ٧٠٠٠٠ :وقررت اشتريه وكان اسوا قرار في حياتي بكتب لكم تجربتي بالتفصيل قبل النوم حطيت الزيت تحت عيني على الهالات لمى قعدت الصبح جفت روحي بالمنظره وربي انفجععععععععععععت قسم بالله عيوني متورمه كانه احد ضاربني على عيني وصاير مكان الهالات احمررررر ومنتفخ قلت لا حول ولا وقوه الا بالله و نفسيتي تدمررررررررررت بشكل مو طبيعي ما خليت شي ما سويته عشان اهدا من شكل انتفاخ عيني والاحمرار وبعدها رحت الصيدليه وعطتني مرهم للعين والحمدلله والشكر لك يا رب عيوني بدات ترجع لطبيعتها يومين عشتهم من اسوا ايام حياتي من صدمه ونفسيه تعبانه ما ادري ! هل المنتج فيه خطا في التصنيع !! بس اطالب عن الضرر النفسي الي عانيته من استعمال هالمنتج واذا كان المنتج ما يناسب وضعه تحت العين ليش ما يكتبون تحذير عشان الكل يتجنب وضعه تحت العين وبس حبيت احذركم عشان ما يصيدكم نفس الي عانيته this is my first time in my life i write a review for a product that burned my heart on the result of the using. I always see the praise on vitamin E especially for dark circles under the eye And I have used Vitamin E from the pharmacy (30,000 written on it), and my experience was good and observed with use And I've always seen morer praise on the Instagram on this one that (70000 written on it ) which is more powerful and so pure and i thought the result will be better And then I decided to buy it and it was the worst decision of my life i will write my experience on this product in details: before i sleep i applied vitamin e 70000 under my eye only and when i woke up at the morning and i see my face and i was shocked !! my eyes swelling and around my eyes become red and its look like some one hit me on my eyes i have tried a lots of things to calming from the swelling of my eyes Then I go the pharmacy and she gave me ointment and Thank God my eyes began to return to normal the worst days of my life i lived these two days, from the shock and tired psychological I don't know Is there is any error in manufacturing of the product!! I demand about the psychological damage that I have suffered from the use of this product and If this product don't fits to apply it under the eye why you don't write a warning ! i am waiting your answer to my questions

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Not Pure

Posted by iHerb Customer on February 6 2013 | Verified Purchase

I thought this was pure vitamin E oil, but it's a synthetic

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Lo uso para todo.

Posted by ROSSITA on December 10 2013 | Verified Purchase

Para hacer cremas y lo uso como conservante. Me gusta aunque aviso es pegajoso. Si te ha servido esta opinión para decidirte marca el Sí más abajo. Si quieres ver más opiniones haz clik en mi nombre

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Love this.

Posted by soapboxblue on December 12 2012 | Verified Purchase

This is an excellent skin nourishing product. Yes its sticky but if you put it on before your usual moisturiser it will absorb more quickly. If you have a bruise 1st apply some arnica then lavish this on to help heal faster. I also like to put some on my face before I get into the shower. Let it sit on my face till the last minute getting absorbed in the warm humid air before I wash my face. Also fantastic for dry lips, lavish some on just before bed time (dab with tissue if too sticky). My lips look smooth and plump. I also lavish it on my nose and lips when I have a cold to stop the dry chapped look you get from blowing your nose all day. I have also started moisturising my body with a mix of jojoba,grapeseed and advocado oil mix. Add a good dollop of this and a little lavender oil to make it smell nice and you have one of the best body moisturiser money can buy!!

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Very Disappointing

Posted by teacup on February 1 2015 | Verified Purchase

It sits on the skin without absorbing into the skin in the manner I am used to such as when using a Vit E liquid like Natures Plus, which can also be used internally. This one is NOT food grade, this one is NOT safe internally so basically a waste of money. Cheap isn't better. I would rather use a pin to make a hole in a gel cap and use that on my skin than this product, which also made my hands burn slightly and itch ...forgettaboutit

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Been using for 2 months

Posted by iHerb Customer on January 6 2012 | Verified Purchase

Religiously using it with no results. On top of that it is more like a hard paste, not really oil, its a nightmare applying it if you have bit of hair as it is very sticky and pulls on the hair.

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Youth in a bottle

Posted by iHerb Customer on May 14 2012 | Verified Purchase

This oil is great if added to your favourite cream or better still add to sun lotion to add even more protection from the suns damaging rays .I use it in my after sun lotion to as its very effective at reducing free radical damage to the skin .

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very thick

Posted by iHerb Customer on February 20 2012 | Verified Purchase

like the other reviews said, this is very very thick, and you literally have to spent some time to even it out and have it absorbed into your skin. i use it for adding into my home made lotions, which is great!

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Posted by iHerb Customer on November 15 2011 | Verified Purchase

This product makes my skin super hydrated.

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