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Not bad

Опубликовано Клиент iHerb апр 01, 2014 | Проверенная покупка

Works pretty well with libido though not as powerful as others I have tried.

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Meh... it's OK, a bit weaker than others

Опубликовано Клиент iHerb ноя 17, 2014 | Проверенная покупка

I tried this at different times, with and without food in my stomach, placed in different liquids, and with different amounts. I always start with half of the manufacturers dosage, and slowly increase each day until I start to notice something. For me, the effect was non-existent, to minimal at best. I used a double dose of 60 drops in a drink a few times, and I could barely feel anything different. It just seemed very weak. I've had better results with other brands of muira puama. So, I took some time and reviewed some of the science behind muira puama (something I forgot to do before making this purchase!) There are not a lot of studies, but the few out there mentioned taking 1-1.5g of a 4:1 extract (yielding 4-6g of the raw extract. So, how much of this do you need to match some of the studies? NOTE: You should always follow the manufacturers instructions! But, if you are interested in wondering why this seems weak, let's play it safe, and say you need on 1500mg of raw extract. This brand is a 1:3 ratio (yes, you read that right, not a 3:1, but a 1:3!). Their dosage is 30 drops, and so 1ml of their extract yields ~333mg of raw muira puama extract! You can do the math -- you would need almost 5x the dose just to make it to the lowest end of some of the studies out there! So, it might be very good, but be prepared to need more than what they are saying. Start at their suggested dose, and don't be surprised if you need to increase it. For me, this gets too expensive compared to the other muira options that are stronger. I'll try some higher amounts and repost later if I notice any improvements.

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1-2 из 2 всего