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Olympian Labs Inc., Greens 8 в 1, восхитительный вкус черники, 730 г (Discontinued Item)

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Olympian Labs Inc., Greens 8 в 1, восхитительный вкус черники, 730 г (Discontinued Item)

Произведено Olympian Labs Inc.

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Olympian Labs Inc., Greens 8 в 1, восхитительный вкус черники, 730 г (Discontinued Item)

Произведено Olympian Labs Inc.
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  • Код Товара: OLY-03263
  • UPC Код: 710013032638
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  • No Artificial Flavors
  • 2 Grams of Fiber
  • Branched Chain Amino Acids
  • Gentle Detoxification & Cleansing
  • Hypoallergenic Pea Protein Isolate
  • 4161 Antioxidant ORAC Units per Dose
  • Vegetarian
  • Non-GMO
  • Dietary Supplement
  • 50 Servings per Container

Greens Protein 8 in 1 is a tasty, nutrient-rich, complete drink mix containing a blend of eight products in one!

1. Whole Food Multivitamins: Greens Protein 8 in 1 contains naturally derived foods rich in naturally occurring, highly assimilated vitamins and minerals. Our unique blend contains 14.6 grams of nutrients per servings. One glass daily helps provide your body with the foundation of health.

2. Enzymes to Assist in Nutrient Digestion and Absorption: Optimal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract ensures that digestion and absorption ok key nutrients happens efficiently. Greens Protein 8 in 1 contains both alpha and beta amylases with four additional plant proteases. This unique combination promotes digestion of starches and vegetable proteins in the various pH ranges of the body's digestive system.

The cellulase enzyme in our blend may assist with the digestion of cellulose for those with sensitivity to high cellulytic content to help decrease bloating and gas. HemiSeb contains a special blend of xylanase, beta-glucanases, phytase and other hemicellulases reducing the viscosity of foods in the stomach, the result being better absorption and greater bioavailability of nutrients.

3. Hypoallergenic Pea Protein Isolate is a pant based protein that yields a high biological value of (BV) (65.4%). The BV is an accurate indicator of the biological activity of protein. It measures the actual amount of protein deposited per gram of protein absorbed. High BV proteins are a great choice for increased nitrogen retention, enhanced immunity and IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) stimulation. They are superior for reducing lean tissue loss from various wasting states than proteins with a low BV score. Most of the greens drinks available on the market today contain little or no protein and may help balance the vegetable carbohydrates and protein ratio needed for healthy nutrition.

4. Patented Fiber Protection: The recommended daily fiber intake, based on a 2000-calorie diet, is 25 grams per day for woman and 38 grams per day for men. Most American diets rarely achieve this goal. Beneficial aspects of dietary fiber include decreased intestinal transit time, increased pancreatic secretions, improved intestinal flora and aid decreasing serum lipid levels. (cholesterol).

Diets low in dietary fiber can lead to serious health conditions, including obesity, diabetes, gout, gallstones, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, ischemic disease, constipation, hemorrhoids, and irritable bowel syndrome. Greens Protein 8 in 1 has added patented fiber (Fibersol) yielding 10% of the RDA fiber requirements to fortify intestinal health.

5. Antioxidant Protection: Antioxidants are our best defense against the damaging effects of free radicals on our cells. It is vital to include adequate amounts of antioxidant-rich nutrients, like those found in fresh vegetables, to assist in fighting free radicals.

Greens Protein 8 in 1 contains nutrient-dense cereal greens, vegetables, herbal extracts and fruits which may provide antioxidant protection. Each servings contains the antioxidant activity of over 7 cups of fresh fruits and vegetables! We don't just say our product offers great antioxidants, we measure it using the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) lab test. The ORAC test specifically measures the scavenging capacity of antioxidants in nutrients against the peroxyl radical; one of the most common reactive oxygen species. It is estimated that a scant 10% of the U.S. population consumes the recommended USDA Food plate of 4.5 cups of fruits and vegetables per day. This means that 90% of Americans do not meet the minimum standards! The average servings of fruits and/or vegetables yields approximately 500 ORAC units studies suggest that to provide meaningful antioxidant health benefits, you need at least 2,400 to 3,000 ORAC units in your daily diet. Greens Protein 8 in 1 may offer antioxidant protection by providing 4161 ORAC units per servings!

6. Gentle Detoxification & Cleansing: Greens Protein 8 in 1 contains amino acids and herbal detoxifiers to maintain healthy blood and may help remove destructive toxins, such as heavy metals and pollutants. These toxins can gradually weaken our tissues and lead to disease unless removed from our bodies daily.

7. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that play an important role in digestion, proper metabolism and overall health. Current scientific literature supports that regular use of probiotics may promote normal digestive health and may help to restore a healthy intestinal balance.

8. The Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's); leucine, isoleucine and valine are important, essential amino acids. Together, they positively affect skeletal muscle growth, enhance, fat loss, and help to stimulate protein synthesis inhibiting its breakdown. BCAA's are critical to human life and are particularly involved in stress, energy and muscle metabolism.

Benefits of Greens Protein 8 in 1:

  • May help promote healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Supports immune health.
  • May naturally and gently help with system detoxification.
  • Contains fiber and digestive enzymes which may contribute to healthy digestion and regularity.
  • Provides protection against free radicals.
  • May increase energy levels naturally without the use of stimulants.
  • Provides a wide variety of nutrients to support healthy cellular metabolism.
  • Provides nutrients for brain health.
  • Establishes proper pH in the intestines leading to a healthy colon environment.

Рекомендации по Применению

Add one (1) scoop to six ounces of juice or water and shake or blend to desired consistency. Greens Protein 8 in 1 can be taken once daily. As with any fiber-rich drink, always follow with a full glass of water immediately afterwards. Settling may occur.

Другие Ингредиенты

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Settling may occur.

Keep out of reach of children.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Дополнительные факты
Размер порции: один (1) совок (14,6 г)
Порций в упаковке: 50
Количество на порцию % Дневная стоимость*
Калории 60
Калории из жиров 10
Всего жиров 1 г 2%
Насыщенный жир 0 g 0%
холестерин 0 мг 0%
Всего углеводов 4 г 1%
Диетическое волокно 2 г 10%
Всего сахара <1 г
Сахарный спирт <1 г
белка 8 г
Витамин С 12 мг 20%
кальций 23 мг 2%
Железо 4 мг 25%
натрий 110 мг 5%
Greens Blend
Органическая трава ячменя, Порошок хлореллы, Порошок спирулины
2,250 мг
Овощная смесь
Органический порошок моркови, Органический порошок фруктов томатов, Органический порошок сока свеклы, Порошок листьев петрушки, Порошок цветной капусты, Органический порошок брокколи, Органический порошок шпината
1,700 мг
Высокая смесь ORAC
Экстракт Acerola 4: 1, Экстракт виноградных косточек (95% проантоцианидинов), Экстракт черники, Экстракт зеленого чая, Экстракт черники, экстракт коры
175 мг
Пробиотическая культура
(На момент изготовления)
Lacto, Acidophilus, Bifido, Bifidum, Lacto. Helveticus, Lacto. Бревис, Лакто. Кейси, Лакто. Rhamnosus, Lacto. Plantarum, Lacto. Salvarius Lacto. Lactus
100 мг
Волоконная смесь
Фиберсол II, порошок рисовых отрубей
2250 мг
N-ацетил L-цистеин 50 мг
Белок гороха 7 250 мг
Смесь ферментов OL-576
Альфа и бета-амилаза, глюкоамилаза, протеаза (I, II, III, IV), пептизим, лактоза, целлюлаза, HemiSEB, липаза (I и II), мальтаза, сукраза (инвертаза)
50 мг
Экстракт куркумы корня 100 мг
Органический порошок алоэ вера 50 мг
* Процент дневной нормы (% DV) основан на диете в 2000 калорий. Ваши ежедневные значения могут быть выше или ниже в зависимости от ваших потребностей в калориях.
† Суточная доза не определена.