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Dragon Herbs, Целительный чай, эликсир энергии и пополнения запасов, 7 упаковок

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Dragon Herbs, Целительный чай, эликсир энергии и пополнения запасов, 7 упаковок

Произведено Dragon Herbs
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Dragon Herbs, Целительный чай, эликсир энергии и пополнения запасов, 7 упаковок

Произведено Dragon Herbs
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  • Количество в Упаковке: 7 Чехлы
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    19.6 x 13.5 x 11.4 cm , 1.18 кг
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  • Aseptic Pouch
  • Preservative Free

This micro-brewed Herbal Elixir is made from superior herbs. Extracted in a high pressure herb extractor, the decoction is immediately filled into this aseptic pouch without the use of preservatives or additives.

Dragon Herbs Elixirs are a pleasant and effective way to take your herbal tonics. Each formula was made by a natural water extraction method. The concentrated herbal teas are bagged in state-of-the-art retort pouches. The tea will remain pure and potent until the pouch is opened. These liquid extracts are preservative free. Many connoisseurs consider these elixirs to be the ultimate form of tonic herbalism.

Рекомендации по Применению

The effects of this herbal blend are more beneficial if consumed warm and within two months of extraction. If not consumed within four months, this pouch should be boiled directly in boiling water for approximately five minutes.

Serving Size:

With the exception of Tibetan Magic, all retort packages are single serving. Tibetan Magic retort packages can make two to four servings depending on taste. You can drink your elixir straight or you can mix it with hot or cold water; hot or cold tea; or another of your favorite beverages. To enhance your elixir's potency, we recommend Spring Dragon Longevity Tea.


Gently hold the pouch upright. With a pair of scissors cut into one small corner of the pouch just enough for the tea to settle downward. After the tea has settled, complete the cut until the entire corner of the pouch is removed. Pour tea into a cup or glass. At this point, you can add hot or cold water, tea or your favorite juice. You can add as much water or tea as you like. All Dragon Herbs Elixirs can be boiled to increase their temperature.


Keep the pouches away from sunlight. Refrigerate after opening.


Unopened retort packages require no refrigeration and will store up to six months. Opened retort packages must be stored in a refrigerator and will last up to three days. If you have not used the tea in several months, place the pouches in a pot of water and boil for five minutes. Note: It is always better to store Dragon Herbs Elixirs in the refrigerator.

Очищенная щелочная вода, стебель дендробиума, ягоды goji, шизандра, корень солодки, минералы большого соляного озера, экстракт сладкого перца Гуйлиня, глицерофосфат калия (отличный источник калия).