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You get what you pay for

Posted by A1725-6887 on June 29 2013 | Verified Purchase

I ordered this 'beauty book' only because I wanted to have a decent palette of eyeshadows which would be handy to use and suit my complexion. Well, I achieved the latter, but as for the quality of these... No. About three to four hours - and here comes the oily mess on the eyelids. Won't use it any longer.

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by A1725-6887 on October 23 2014 | Verified Purchase

I'm going to speak about the primer only since that's the actual reason I ordered this set (a separate primer in this shade was out of stock). In short, it's AWESOME. Seriously. I feel a bit silly now for having lived so long with oily skin and not being able to fully use eyeshadow because of obvious reasons (yeah-yeah, that oily mess in the crease you end up with only a few hours later... ARRRGH!). But this primer has actually made me reconsider wearing eyeshadow on a regular basis. I would not believe it if I didn't see it myself. 12 hours later after application (whole lid, no cheating) not only did my eyeshadow stay where I initially applied it, but there was also no greasy line where there used to be. Yes-yes-yes!.. I don't know, I'm so excited that I might just as well use this primer instead of neutral eyeshadow (and I'm pretty sure it's gonna rock). Ohhh... Seriously, if you ask me whether to buy this product or not, my answer is a definite YES.

Thanks for your feedback!

So glad I purchased it!

Posted by A1725-6887 on November 17 2014 | Verified Purchase

I really had a hard time deciding whether I want to buy it or not, but luckily I got what I needed!.. This kit is just the right shade of brown without that beige or red hint which used to stand out and disappoint me in many other products. Both the wax and the powder are great. I use the powder when I'm in a hurry or just lazy to spend much time doing my eyebrows, and the wax is a bit more pigmented and more suitable when you are less time constrained. The brush that's included in the kit is pretty usable, but still I would recommend getting a regular one since it might be more handy and comfortable to use. What else can I say?.. The stuff stays long, washes off well... I guess, I found my new favourite, then. :)

Thanks for your feedback!

No regrets for this purchase

Posted by A1725-6887 on August 3 2013 | Verified Purchase

I spent a long time 'talking myself into' purchasing a decent eye-shadow trio, because you know, you have to pay for the quality, no matter how reluctant you might be to fork out. But these are really good investment, and I appreciate the quality and the shades this trio has. Stay long and look fantastic. My recommendation.

Thanks for your feedback!

Not bad but won't probably buy it again

Posted by A1725-6887 on September 6 2013 | Verified Purchase

I have oily skin which is prone to acne, and what I can say about this product is that it has excellent packaging, a dispenser (which is awesome - I hate products forcing you to get your fingers inside the bottle or jar), and you also get a really decent amount for the price you pay. However, for me it seems to work not so well - I see no particular effect from it, and I have a suspicion it still clogs my pores. So if you're considering buying this product, be mindful of your skin type.

Thanks for your feedback!

Not the colour I expected, however...

Posted by A1725-6887 on June 9 2013 | Verified Purchase

I spent HOURS choosing the right shade on the Internet - and it arrived different anyway... It looks as nice and pale pink in the box and the first minute you apply it. Then it quickly turns into peachy orange, and I can't say it disappoints me (it suits me rather well), but it's something you have to keep in mind when ordering. And yes, "a little goes a long way" sure applies to this product.

Thanks for your feedback!

So excited about it!

Posted by A1725-6887 on October 1 2014 | Verified Purchase

OMG, this product is a delight in all respects. Totally love the packaging, the girly-looking tube, and the smell... is simply beyond words. It's like a handful of toffees, you just want to literally eat it. :D As for the rest, the colour is nice and non-blunt, the wand gives you just the right amount of gloss to apply. It's a bit watery though, but I don't consider that to be an awful drawback... Probably would try it in other shades, but I tend to use things like that so occasionally that I won't probably get to that stage... Still, a definite recommendation!

Thanks for your feedback!

Satisfied just like with the vanilla version

Posted by A1725-6887 on September 28 2013 | Verified Purchase

But I do like the smell of this one more, though. It's more natural and not that generic, in my opinion. Gives you the right amount of hydration which you actually feel when applying the product, unlike those you might get at your local store. My definite recommendation.

Thanks for your feedback!

Amazing cologne

Posted by A1725-6887 on April 2 2014 | Verified Purchase

I'm in love with this perfume discovery on iHerb! Smells divine, and the fact that it's alcohol free makes me super-ecstatic. This perfume is sweet, gentle and very feminine. Love it.

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Decent product, at last

Posted by A1725-6887 on April 29 2014 | Verified Purchase

Doesn't clog pores (fingers crossed) and gives you nice, natural look. Satisfied with this product and recommend it.

Thanks for your feedback!

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