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Look no further for a beauty treatmetnt that works!

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer2925303 Apr 16, 2010

Frankincense oil has been a miracle for my skin, I am not yet 30, but daily use of this oil on my face for nearly a year has kept my skin supple and smooth as any 16 year olds. I use it day and night, and the results are fantastic. I have zero fine lines or wrinkles and it looks like I have on make-up even when I do not thanks to this oil and it's antiseptic, tone evening and skin clearing properties. I do suggest to dilute it as the instructions say, but my skin is not sensitive so I use it undiluted with great results and no irritation. In my opinion, this oil is far superior to any conconction you can get from any department store, and it's 100% natural. Mother nature knows best!

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I use it directly on my skin with emu oil

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer3093099 Aug 28, 2009

Emu gold oil plus frankincense essential oil has really made my skin look better. The emu seems to reduce inflammation and redness, and the mild rosacea on my cheeks has improved a lot. Adding some undiluted essential oil of frankincense directly on the acne from rosacea (a relatively small area for me) a little while after applying the emu oil seems to reduce the acne. I discovered this by experimentation with a few different oils that I had on hand. It's been less than two weeks, and the rosacea has not gone, but it's definitely better. I was also getting a pimple on my chin recently, and the frankincense oil got rid of it right away. Sometimes I reapply the frankincense many times in a day.

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High Quality! Great Price! Younger Face!

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer1104059 Apr 12, 2013

Surprisingly high quality at this price. I used it on face, sometimes neat, sometimes diluted 1:2. It definitely detox my skin, the pigments / freckles have lightened a lot within days, the overall skin tone has brightened & lightened. It makes my face supple & younger looking, try it for yourself! In my case, it is so noticable that my friends are asking for the secret, my husband thought I am spending a lot on facial treatments, hahaha....

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Good Quality Oil

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer1330802 Feb 15, 2013

This is a very good quality oil. I can tell because as soon as I put it on full strength undiluted it soaks into my skin within seconds. If it had fillers or oils added it would not do that. The smell is that of a very nice woody note with a citrus at the end. I would recommend this essential oil without hesitation! Great Price also..

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So Many Uses

Отзыв оставлен CindyW Jun 25, 2013

All essential oils have multiple uses. Frankincense is an anti-septic and disinfectant, it strengthens gums and helps tone skin, it helps scars fade away, it's a digestive, and it has been known to treat cancerous tumors when applied directly to the lump of skin!

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Frankincense Oil for cyst.

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer1729973 Aug 24, 2009

I have been using the Frankincense Oil on my knee, where a cyst has formed. I use it several times each day, and it has reduced the inflamation. I really think the cyst is becoming smaller, and will continue to use the oil for the next few months. It was suggested that I dilute the oil with olive oil, about 1 part each. If you have this problem, give this oil treatment a try.

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Very pleased

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer2342244 Jul 19, 2008

Very pleasant scent. I am using it (in sweet almond oil) as a night-time facial moisturizer. Works well. Product is very economically priced, transaction was smooth and easy, shipping was prompt.

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The reason I turned to iherb for aromatherapy products!

Отзыв оставлен lionandtiger Jul 01, 2012

Pure Frankincense is hard to find. I love that this is undiluted and allows me to play around with various massage oil applications. I have used this oil to help with insomnia and nightmares. It is so great for my fair skin and I apply it to any area where freckles are getting uncomfortably dark. I have also diluted it into body butters and applied to areas of keratosis. Very nice when diffused along with other complementary oils for a nice romantic evening.

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Smells great, but need another diffuser

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer1935950 Dec 14, 2007

This oil smells absolutely wonderful, but it doesn't work well with the "heating" type diffuser that I have, the oil is just too heavy and very little evaporates even after a full day (I ended up pouring a little on a plate and using a fan.

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My Very Favourite EO!

Отзыв оставлен seebrenda Feb 10, 2014

I love this and use this day and night as part of my skin care. It literally boost the effectiveness of the other EO in whatever stuff I mix. But I keep it to skin and skincare though - at this price, it's really worth it!

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