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Leaves my dry skin smooth & supple!

Отзыв оставлен PurplePegasus Dec 20, 2013

I have severely dry skin (combination actually). This is a cleansing milk, it does not foam, nor should it. The faint pumpkin pie scent is natural and very pleasant to me. (I have severe MCS [chemical allergies] and I react instantly to fake/synthetic scents.) I apply sparingly over wet skin, massage gently and rinse out immediately with a sea sponge. All the dead skin cells are eaten up and I am left with beautiful, normal skin. This is more gentle than the pumpkin peel (which I also love) and the fiesta fruit peel (which is on my wish list for when I need extra help). I follow this with a natural rose water spray (glycerin-free) and my skin looks great.

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Great Cleanser!!

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer2782741 Jun 19, 2011

MyChelle has done it again. The Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser is superb. It really takes off make-up very well without over-drying. In fact, my face feels moisturized after using it. It has a bit of a "kick" to feel your face tingle with delight!! It also smells great without chemicals or artificial frangrances. I use that Pumpkin Cleanser one night and switch to the unscented Honeydew Cleanser on alternate nights. They are both great, but I'm glad I tried the Pumpkin Cleanser. Another winner from MyChelle!!

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Отзыв оставлен Reviewer1962038 Aug 04, 2011

Very nice! It have creamy texture. Becouse it I did not believe that the face will be clean. But it's even solved the problem with acne on dry and sensetive skin :) I'm very happy :))

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Great product!

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer1595402 Nov 06, 2011

This cleanser works so well on mature, sensitive skin!

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Nice texture and smell

Отзыв оставлен DinaB123 Jul 02, 2012

Unlike most cleansers it has thicker texture and seem to create well-moisturized, yet squeaky-clean effect. Pleasant unobtrusive pumpkin-pie smell.

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Nice cleanser.

Отзыв оставлен GallaChiro Sep 15, 2011

Very nice and creamy, good smell.

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Smells good....feels great.

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer1305098 Oct 24, 2011

I was using products that were drying my face. Now I am using this cleanser along with MyChelle supreme polypeptide cream and my face feels hydrated.

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Awesome scent and gentle, moisturizing cleanser

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer2825897 Nov 30, 2010

If you like the scent of pumpkin pie and have normal to dry skin, you will love this cleanser! It is gentle and moisturizing, yet cleanses thoroughly. There is a hint of cinnamon (as well as clove) in there, so if you cleanse with it very long you can begin to feel it warming up your skin a little (no burning though--and I have sensitive skin). I like to remove it with a warm, moist wash cloth, rather than just rinsing, to aid in exfoliation.

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Отзыв оставлен Reviewer3059704 Jan 01, 2011

Highly recommended by a friend, and so far, I like this product. I have dry, sensitive skin and sudsy cleansers are bad for it - this is a creamy cleanser. MyChelle is supposedly very pure. Smells a little of pumpkin spice but not overwhelming. Good px at iH.

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Very moisturizing!

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer1063977 Nov 17, 2012

I really love MyChelle products and because I don't have super dry skin, I found it to be too moisturizing. However, if you have dry skin, this stuff would be amazing!

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