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Экономия: ₽772.79 (скидка 20%)

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Overpriced and useless

Отзыв оставлен LouLou Mar 09, 2013

Did nothing to help my gut. Very expensive.

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Not helpful for candida in my experience

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer2457263 Feb 05, 2011

I did the loading phase for 6 days (1 box), and have been taking 2-4 per day for the second box. To be honest, I was hoping to notice some difference between these and normal probiotics, in conjunction with my anti-candida routine. Haven't noticed any difference.

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Not yet convinced

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer1634523 Feb 11, 2011

I was really excited about trying these after reading all the positive reviews. I suffer greatly with ibs and candida, so I had high hopes that i might see some improvement. Took them for a period of about 2 months at varying doses and didnt notice any change in my symptoms. If i could afford it, I would like to continue at a high dosage morning and night, but obviously they are expensive and like i said, no improvement. I sometimes think that commercial antibiotics are a bit of a have.. Wish i had better results to report!

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Don't care for it

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer1758778 Mar 29, 2011

I ordered this on a recommendation of a friend, but have to say I was disappointed. I can't feel a difference at all. The New Chapter spoonable probiotic powder is so far the best I have tried out.

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Nothing special

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer2956356 Apr 24, 2011

I didn't see or feel any difference with this product. It is expensive and I know there are other probiotic formulas that are high quality but not as pricy.

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not for me

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer2564204 Aug 14, 2011

i just tried it and it didn't work. in fact it is to strong for my body, while taking it i had strange disconforts in several parts of the body, and also made worst my insomnia. jarrow formula was better for me, maybe a lighter formula, but it helped better with my constipation.

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expected faster results

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer1860405 Aug 26, 2008

I didn't notice the 'uploading' dosage at the beginning so I will try it a bit longer to see if there are better results.

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Отзыв оставлен Reviewer1482846 Oct 18, 2008

make my stomach feel sick.. not but i think it may be helpint

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Отзыв оставлен Reviewer1301975 Mar 07, 2010

i have been taking this product for over a month and don't see much difference. i have gone back to primal defense but am still taking one a day of dr. ohhira

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Отзыв оставлен 5640460029851123763 May 11, 2014

I could not get used to taking this 1 hour before or 1.5 hours after.Also the shelf life "use by 10-31-16"for a probiotic makes me wonder how fresh is it? DAC

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