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Отзыв оставлен Reviewer1175250 Sep 14, 2012

These bars are delicious, and a good mix of fats, proteins and carbs. I have a digestive disorder, and I use them on days when I am too ill to eat a proper meal. It would be good if they had less sugar, but you can't have everything.

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Tastes Too Good

Отзыв оставлен Non-GMO Jun 27, 2012

100% organic. Non-GMO. Non-dairy/Vegan. Low sodium. No soy protein (only a small amount of organic soy lecithin in the coating). 22 grams of carbs, 10 g or protein. 5 g fiber and 13 g of good fats. No pea protein either (peas have been suspect at reducing both make and female fertility). Contains hemp, rice and nut(as whole food) proteins. Bought these for my hubby to eat before running, but I have finished the box myself in a month's time. The texture reminds me a bit of the original power bars, but better--and coated with real chocolate. Not quite as chewy, rather a bit more nut buttery and a slight hemp taste blended with the cashew taste. I really like the taste and texture of this variety. I've tried 3 other flavors of this make and did not like them nearly as much. My only complaint is that maybe these taste too good...almost like candy--and has the 11 grams of sugar to show for it too. Also, in searching for an optimal running bar for my spouse, I was hoping to find something with more carbs and less fat. For what this bar is, it is fantastic.

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Отзыв оставлен lyikoRU May 23, 2013

It's arrived with white film on chocolate coating but nevertheless bars are soft and smooth. And I don't taste hemp or cashew rather very fresh walnuts which I like very much.

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