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Экономия: ₽454.52 (скидка 17%)

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Отзыв оставлен Reviewer2573134 Sep 19, 2013

I do not like the taste and texture of this.

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Not so great taste

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer3301337 Feb 03, 2013

I wanted a healthy meal replacement, so Amazing Grass seemed to be the ideal choice. I am pleased with the nutritional value and ingredients, but I just can't get over the taste. I absolutely hate the way it tastes. I still have a little left, but I'm reluctant to finish it because of the flavor. I think I'll look for something with a vanilla flavor next time.

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Amazing Grass

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer2672073 Dec 04, 2012

This blend is great. I drink it once every morning before breakfast. Would order it again.

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Ugh... Make Your Own Mix.

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer2888766 Jul 16, 2012

Great nutritional profile - but the taste and texture and price are big bummers. The chalky taste and texture of brown rice protein are noticable as is the grittiness of the hemp protein. I just mix up my own whole-food mix: green powder, pea protein (much better texture and flavor than rice), and some hemp protein (Nutiva's hemp protein is not gritty - their protein and hempshakes are very smooth), and some nutritional yeast (for B vitamins, minerals, and a nice flavor). And a pinch of salt and maybe stevia to round out the flavors. Making your own mix is tastier and much less expensive.

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2 людей считают этот отзыв полезным

Good tasting, but not cheap.

Отзыв оставлен norwayway Jul 09, 2012

Nice nutty, mildly fruity taste. Especially nice with rice or oat milk, which it blends just fine with. One serving a day and it lasts for no more than 15 days, which makes it a bit expensive compared with similar products. It didnt keep me full for long, but it helps to mix or eat something fat with it, for instance avocado or nuts.

Был ли данный отзыв полезным для Вас?

Keeps me going til lunch.

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer3111869 May 04, 2012

Tastes good in smoothies and keeps me going for at least 4 hours or so. Notice I'm more regular on it too sorry if this is TMI.

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Good in smoothies

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer2433868 Apr 20, 2012

I've finished my first jar and bought another to add to my morning smoothies. Tastes good and seems to have good stuff in it.

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From Russian Federation

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer1128483 Mar 25, 2012

its taste is not very plesant but it works good. I feel better if I take it daily. but the taste... oh.. ((

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from Norway

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer1802418 Mar 22, 2012

This actually feels like a meal! The taste is very good, especially blended with rice or almond milk. But it is ok with water also. I would clearly recommend this before the pomegranate/mango infusion which I find far to sweet!

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3 людей считают этот отзыв полезным

raw smoothie powder

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer2915988 Feb 21, 2012

no gluten, no soy, and raw!! i really like this product. i mix mine with fruit for a smoothie, but the taste of the actual powder is mild, not grassy at all.

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1 людей считают этот отзыв полезным

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