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Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, Pure Castile Soap, 18-1 Hemp Tea Tree, 32 fl oz (945 ml) (Discontinued Item)
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Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, Pure Castile Soap, 18-1 Hemp Tea Tree, 32 fl oz (945 ml) (Discontinued Item)

Произведено Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps

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Out of Stock - Discontinued
  • Код Товара: DBR-77632
  • UPC Код: 018787776322
  • Количество в Упаковке: 32 fl oz (945 ml)
  • Размеры: 3.2 x 3.2 x 9 in, 2.3 фунты (1.04 кг)
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  • Certified Fair Trade
  • Made With Organic Oils!
  • No Detergents
  • No Foaming Agents
  • Fair Trade Certified by IMO
  • Fair for Life
  • Over 150 Years & 5 Generations of Soap Excellence
  • Certified Under The USDA National Organic Program
  • Oregon Tilth Certified Organic
  • 100% Biodegradable!

One of humanity's oldest and simplest products, soap is made by saponifying oils with alkali, with no waste generated. The alkali is either sodium (for bars) or potassium (for liquids) hydroxide, made by running electricity through salt water. No alkali remains in our superb soaps. All glycerin is retained. Our unique old world formula = high lather cleansing and smooth, mild afterfeel.

Dilute: Enjoy 1 soap for 18 different uses! Guaranteed no synthetic tea tree oils & 100% vegetarian: Supermild castile has outstanding water softening & cleansing powers. Preferable to harsh soap & defattening synthetics. It does not cut dirt, but dissolves it. It is the mildest, most pleasant soap you ever used or money back! Enjoy body rub to stimulate body-mind-soul-spirit and teach the essence moral ABC uniting all free in the Shepherd - Astronomer Israel's Greatest All-One-God-Faith!

Рекомендации по Применению

Concentrated. Clouds when cold. Put in warm room/water: clears at ~70F.

Enjoy only 2 cosmetics, enough sleep & Dr. Bronner's 'Magic Soap' to clean body-mind-soul-spirit instantly uniting One! All-One! Absolute cleanliness is Godliness! For facial packs, scalp & soothing body rub, add dash on bath towel in sink of hot water. Wring out. Lay over face & scalp. Massage with fingertips. Repeat 3 or 4 times 'til arms, legs & all are rubbed, always towards the heart. Rinse towel in plain hot water and massage again. Breathe deeply! Health is Wealth. Within 9 minutes you feel fresh and clean, saving 90% of your hot water & soap, ready to help teach the whole Human race the Moral ABC of All-One-God-Faith! For we're All-One or None! All-One! All-One! All-One!


Keep out of eyes. If cap clogs, poke it clear only: Do no squeeze bottle and shoot out soap. Soap can clog and spurt with pump dispensers. Flush eyes well with water for 15 minutes. Consult a Physician if irritation persists.

Not animal tested

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Water, organic coconut oil*, potassium hydroxide**, organic olive oil*, tea tree extract, organic fair deal hemp oil, organic jojoba oil, citric acid, tocopherol

*Certified Fair Trade Ingredients

**None remains after saponifying oils into soap and glycerin.

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отличное жидкое мыло.
bought this soap on other site, on it took with menthol. Quality excellent! as well as structure. The smell of a tea tree weak, and only during washing, then on skin isn't felt at all. it is possible to use both for the person and for a body. A good brand with excellent structure, only if in the batcher to fill in, through everyone some days the batcher dries up, but I got used to clear through everyone couple of days, to me doesn't disturb. I think naturalness of structure so operates, if added chemistry more, it wouldn't be, but then soap isn't so valuable. покупала это мыло на другом сайте, на этом брала с ментолом. Качество отличное! как и состав. Запах чайного дерева несильный, и только во время мытья, потом на коже совсем не чувствуется. можно использовать и для лица и для тела. Хороший брэнд с отличным составом, только если в дозатор залить, то через каждые несколько дней дозатор засыхает, но я привыкла очищать через каждые пару дней ,мне не мешает. Я думаю натуральность состава так действует, если бы добавили химии побольше,то этого бы не было, но тогда и мыло бы не так ценно.
Aug 15, 2012

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